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About CooCoo WhatsApp Apk

CooCoo WhatsApp is a modified application of the original WhatsApp that is commonly used. This application is made by a third party by adding various more interesting features compared to the simple features in the original WhatsApp.

CooCoo WA does not eliminate the features in the original WA, but the existing features are added with even better features. This is what makes many people prefer to use CCWA instead of the original WA.

CooCoo WhatsApp was deliberately created by a third party because many original WA users were bored with the same WA features. In fact, the changes made by WA did not significantly change its appearance.

For example, the choice of a theme that can only use the default theme from WA which only has two choices. While CooCoo WhatsApp mod apk, has a large selection of themes that can be directly applied to the chat screen. Cool isn’t it?

This CooCoo WhatsApp mod apk was made not long ago. But in 2021, CooCooWA is already very popular and widely used by WA users. This is none other than CooCoo WA has many fun and useful features.

CooCoo WhatsApp cannot be downloaded or found in the Play Store. Because CooCoo WA is a third-party application that was made illegally. However, this application can still be downloaded from our website.

Latest CooCoo WhatsApp Mod Apk Features

Designed with many excellent features, there is nothing wrong if CooCoo WhatsApp is arguably the coolest mod application this year. The following are cool features that can be enjoyed from this apk:

Reading Deleted Messages

Often while chatting with other people, they delete the messages sent before we read them. It certainly makes us curious, what kind of messages they delete.

Whereas in the original WhatsApp, we cannot see messages that have been deleted by the sender in any way.

However, by using CooCoo WhatsApp mod apk, users don’t have to feel curious anymore about the messages that the sender deleted. Because messages that have been sent can never be deleted.

Or, messages that have been deleted can still be read by us and the sender will never know about it. Of course, this feature is a dream feature for every WhatsApp user.

Video Call Effect

The main feature that WhatsApp has is making clear video calls to fellow WA users. However, we are not provided with good filters for editing faces to be brighter or other effects that can make video calls more fun.

CooCoo WhatsApp grants the wishes of WhatsApp users who want their faces to look more radiant by using effects during video calls with other users.

In it there are features to provide effects such as beautifying the appearance of the displayed image. This feature is still very rare in other WhatsApp mod applications.

Complete Privacy Settings

Another cool feature that CooCoo WhatsApp mod apk has is a more complete privacy setting compared to the original WhatsApp.

In this apk, users can manage many things such as removing online status, removing the last online notification, determining who can make video calls on the account, and so on.

This additional feature is very useful and can be used easily without having to use other applications. And this feature is an additional feature that is most requested by original WhatsApp users. Because in the original WhatsApp itself, this feature is not available.

Transparent Theme

What’s more interesting about CooCoo WhatsApp is its transparent theme. This theme can make WA look cooler and funnier.

Because this transparent theme is much sought after by WhatsApp users, because it can make the phone look cooler.

This theme can be used immediately for free and easy. Of course the time of use is also not limited in time. As long as the CooCoo WhatsApp apk is installed on the cellphone, as long as the user can install this transparent theme.

Sending Large Numbers of Files

In addition to sending messages, on WhatsApp we can also send files. Both image files, videos, or other document files. So, instead of using email, people prefer WhatsApp to send documents because it is simpler.

Usually, this feature is used in business matters or when school is online like the current pandemic. And is a very important feature.

But unfortunately, WhatsApp puts a limit on the files that users can send. This may be intended by WhatsApp so that users can still use WhatsApp as a simple application. But for some people this is a weakness.

Therefore, in CooCoo WhatsApp mod apk there is a feature to send files in large quantities in one send. So, when you have to send files with other people, you don’t have to do it many times. Work can be done more easily and efficiently.

How to Install CooCoo WhatsApp Apk

For the first time trying an apk from outside the Play Store, it might be a little confusing to install the application. Here are the steps to install CooCoo WhatsApp apk on Android phones:

  • First, please allow applications outside the Play Store to be installed on your phone.
  • How to enter the menu Settings> Privacy> enable unknown sources.
  • If you have, directly download the application on the link that we have shared above. Make sure to download the application perfectly. So that when installed there will be no errors.
  • If the download process is complete, look for the download in the file manager, and find CooCoo WhatsApp that must be installed.
  • Double tap to install the app.
  • Wait until the application installation process is complete.
  • If you have, CooCoo WhatsApp is ready to use.

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How to install CooCoo WhatsApp APK?

1. Tap the downloaded CooCoo WhatsApp APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.