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WhatsApp Mod IOS APK Review

WhatsApp Mod IOS is an application that has been changed or modified by a third party.

And this modification aims, so that the Android version of WhatsApp has a look that is similar to the iPhone version of WhatsApp.

Because what was said earlier, that WhatsApp Android users are more interested in the appearance of the iPhone version of WhatsApp.

In addition, the interest felt by Android users is based on the high price of iPhone devices.

So, it is undeniable that Android device users really crave the entire system and appearance of the iPhone device.

Many other people also think that the WhatsApp display from the iPhone itself has a more exclusive look.

And this is the second factor that WhatsApp Android users really want the look of WhatsApp on the iPhone.

Well, the emergence of this anti-banned WhatsApp Mod IOS, makes WA Android users feel very happy for their presence.

Because with this, they can have the WhatsApp iPhone display on the Android device they are using.

In addition to its functionality that is able to change the appearance of WA Android to IOS, this application also has excellent features that are very interesting.

For the features themselves, it is certain that you will not be able to find this feature in the original version of WhatsApp.

Because WA Mod IOS 14 is also included in one of the modified versions of WhatsApp variants developed by third parties.

Features of WhatsApp Mod IOS APK

Some of you may already know, that every modified application, of course, has various types of excellent features in it.

And the presence of excellent features like this, of course, will provide a distinct advantage, especially for you as a user.

Well, to find out about what features are available in this application, then you can listen to the reviews along with the features listed below.

NO Banned

As an application that has been modified, of course, your worries about being banned from WhatsApp will always be experienced.

So, sometimes you feel hesitant to download or use a WhatsApp Mod application like this.

Well, with things that are often experienced like this, here we will assure you that WA Mod iPhone is an anti-banned application and is also safe to use.

So you don’t have to worry anymore if there will be a banned action given by WhatsApp to your account.

Download WA Story

In the WhatsApp application, you can share moments or other content into the status features in it.

In addition, you can also see various types of photos and videos uploaded to the status feature by your contact friends.

When you see the status, usually a feeling will appear that you want to download the status.

Well, by accessing this iPhone WA Mod, later you can download and save the status directly into your gallery.

Hiding Online Tags

Some of you may have felt lazy to reply to someone’s chat when you were online.

When you access the original version of WhatsApp, the online status will still be visible on other contact numbers.

So things like that can make someone feel annoyed, because the message he sent was not replied to by you.

It’s different when you use WhatsApp Mod IOS, because here you can hide the sign or online status.

With this, later the sender of the message will think that you are not online or busy.

Other WhatsApp Mod IOS features

In addition to the main features mentioned above, WA Mod IOS also still provides various types of other excellent features.

So, you can feel more comfortable when you use the WhatsApp Mod IOS APK 13 application.

To find out about these other features, you can find out through the series that we have provided below:

  • Application validity or expiration reaches 1000 days.
  • Presenting hundreds of types of very attractive themes.
  • Users can take advantage of color gradations.
  • Do Not Disturb mode is available or commonly called DND
  • Features contact and create a new group.
  • The display and also the conversation entries look more realistic.
  • The Message counter menu uses a more realistic look on iOS devices.
  • Hundreds of the latest emojis.
  • Available menu Search bar.
  • Bubble to receive and send new chats.
  • Input box to create the latest text.
  • Presenting a special design for video recording.
  • There is a fast button for settings.
  • You can display and also the phone icon in the group.
  • Latest One to v.4.5 Glax emoji stickers
  • A design is presented that you can use to add new emoticons.
  • Read messages that have been deleted or recalled by your contacts.
  • Change the view that is located in the main menu section.
  • You can choose the number of anyone who can contact you.
  • Send WA messages without having to save the number.
  • Hide last seen status.
  • Interesting font choices

How to Install WhatsApp Mod IOS

If you have finished downloading the latest WhatsApp Mod IOS, then you can continue to install it on your Android.

And since this application is a Mod version, there are special methods or steps that you must do in the installation process.

Here we are sure, that not all of you know about how to manually install this application.

Therefore, you can find out the installation process, through the tutorial that we have presented below.

  1. First, download the WA Mod IOS application first until it’s finished.
  2. Next, go to “Settings or Settings” available on your Android.
  3. Select “Additional Settings” then click the “Privacy” menu.
  4. Check or enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  5. If so, go to “File Manager” then select the “Downloads” folder.
  6. Locate the file from “WhatsApp Mod IOS” and select the “Install” button
  7. Wait for it to finish and the application is installed on your Android.

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How to install WhatsApp iOS Mod APK?

1. Tap the downloaded WhatsApp iOS Mod APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.