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X8 Speeder – Maybe most of the higgs domino players already know the existence and function of this X8 Speeder application, which is a third party application that can be used for various games, one of which is Higgs Domino.

The function of this X8 Speeder application is that it is able to increase the speed of Android games, so the presence of third-party applications will greatly help users to be able to play even faster.

So don’t be surprised if this application is used more often for the Higgs Domino game, because as we know in your higgs domino game, sometimes we wait while other players are playing in the game.

Well, therefore, with X8 Speed, you can play the game you are playing. So that way you are no longer made to wait while other players in the video are being recorded.

Because using this third app allows you to push a game, and even pull it again after observing using Speeder Dominoes the game runs even more smoothly without any game lag.

In addition, the size of this application is also very friendly, because this application comes with only 13MB in size. Although the size of the application is very small, the features it brings cannot be underestimated for in-game optimization of the game.

Features & Advantages of X8 Speeder Apk Mod

1. No Account ID

Usually, every time you want to try a new application, of course, the user must do the account registration process first. After that, the user can use the application.

But it’s different when you want to use the x8 speeder application, you no longer need to register an account. Because, this application can be used directly without having to include an Account ID.

2. Simple Application Display

The X8 Speeder application has always been hunted by netizens in recent months, it’s all because the application developer provides a simple appearance.

That way, users will immediately be able to operate all the existing features with ease. Even if you are a new user and are using it for the first time.

3. No Root Access Required

The application that you use comes from outside the Playstore, usually a root system is required if you want to start using it. But it’s different with the x8 speeder application, you can use it directly without having to do root access.

Even though the smartphone device you have is still under warranty / new, you don’t need to have root access when you want to use the x8 speeder application. Because, the application is equipped with the No Root feature.

4. Speed ​​Up Gameplay

The main function of the x8 speeder application is to be able to adjust the speed of the gameplay of an online game. One game that can take advantage of this function is higgs domino RP.

For domino players who can’t wait to end the game with an absolute victory. So, the feature of speeding up gameplay that is specifically provided by the old version of X8 speeder apk can make this wish come true.

There are still many other advanced features that this application has, users can find out all its features by downloading the old & latest version of x8 speeder apk 2021 through the link we have inserted in this review.

How to Install Apk on Android and iOS

  1. First Download the X8 Speeder application that has been provided above.
  2. Then enter the Settings menu or Smartphone Settings.
  3. Then select the Security or Security menu.
  4. Enable Unknown Sources.
  5. Just tap the “OK” button to activate the permission.
  6. After that, continue to install the apk as usual.

Speed ​​Up Game

In the X8 Speeder application, there are several games that can be accelerated, whether it’s an online game or an offline game. The following is a list of games that can be accelerated using this application:

  • Higgs Domino Island
  • Subway Surfers
  • Food Fantasy
  • Brown Dust
  • Fate Go
  • Soul Knight

Until now, games that still cannot support this application include Mobile Legends and Free Fire, but for other games you can try using the application by downloading game patches via X8 Speeder.

Download links

Download File

How to install X8 Speeder APK?

1. Tap the downloaded X8 Speeder APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.